Meetup Sponsors 2021

By Nicholas Hemley | December 18, 2020

Bristech are delighted to announce the Meetup sponsors for 2021. We are thrilled to have such a strong line-up of local tech companies as annual sponsors:

These community-minded local tech companies are supportive of our mission to share tech knowledge, one event at a time.

Nic Hemley, founder, Bristech, said, “It couldn’t be more important in this pandemic than for people to come together and continue to share their knowledge and learn from others in a neutral, inter-company setting.”

“Our events wouldn’t be as vibrant without the financial support and engagement with enlightened local tech companies like GoCo, Oracle Cloud, OVO and Storm.”

“Strong engagement is essential for our tech community and a good example has been set here: not only do these companies ‘get’ the community aspect of what we do, but they are also keen to engage on both organisational and personal levels, as speakers and attendees at events.”

“Clearly, they have experience and insight to share regarding their own tech culture. Bristech is the ideal platform for them through to communicate to the wider tech community.”

For more information about Bristech Meetup please contact Nic.

Further information about each sponsor can be found below:

GoCo Group Ltd

GoCo Group is a tech-led business operating multiple leading brands that are focused on innovation and disruption with a common mission to help consumers save time and money, sustainably. Our people help us achieve this through a culture that embraces individuality, innovation and creativity.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an IaaS that delivers high-performance computing power to run cloud-native and enterprise company’s IT workloads. OCI provides real-time elasticity for enterprise applications by combining Oracle’s autonomous services, integrated security, and serverless computing. OCI has 30 regions worldwide and is also the only IaaS available in a company’s private data centre.

The OCI team in the UK build and run many core OCI services including API Gateway, Compute, Functions (FaaS), Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) Engine, Networking & Storage.

OVO Energy

Storm Consultancy

Storm works with startups, scale ups and corporate innovators to design and build world-class web apps, digital platforms and websites. Storm is here to see your digital business idea or project through from initial brainstorm to launch (and beyond!).

Storm are your technology partner, your sounding board and your business confidant. They’re fully invested.

Storm build partnerships and enjoy nothing more than celebrating your success…

…and by the way, they are currently hiring ;)